Interfaces connect Benetech PRA to other tools within the lab to increase the efficiency and accuracy of data management. Benetech has developed several proprietary interfaces in a variety of protocols, including HL7.

LIS Interfaces

LIS Interfaces connect PRA to Lab Information Systems (LIS) and reduce both data entry time and the possibility of operator error. By automating data transfer between systems, labs are able to operate more quickly and efficiently. Duplication of data entry is eliminated and data error rates due to operator error are dramatically reduced.

The most powerful LIS interface for PRA is the HL7 interface. The HL7 interface uses iNTERFACEWARE’s industry leading Chameleon messaging engine and transfers data in a uni-directional or bi-directional format. Standard modules include: Order Entry and Lab Results download, Prenatal Results upload, ADT alone and Doctor Database Synchronization. Our Service technicians can customize the interface to include additional fields or specific LIS requirements to suit a customer’s needs.

LIS interfaces can be combined with device interfaces for a seamless work flow.

Device Interfaces

Device interfaces connect PRA directly to testing equipment within a lab. They automate the downloading of test requisitions and the uploading of results to increase efficiency and eliminate operator error.

LIS interfaces and device interfaces can be combined to create a seamless workflow and enable ultimate efficiency within a lab.

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