Benetech PRA is powerful
and flexible enough for any screening program

Used by hospitals and clinical labs all around the world, Benetech PRA is the gold standard for today’s prenatal screening.

Benetech PRA Software

Hundreds of Features to Enhance Your Practice

Benetech PRA is a Windows® based interpretive software tool used for prenatal risk assessment. Using a number of internationally recognized algorithms, it calculates a pregnant individual risk of carrying a fetus affected by a variety of medical conditions. Benetech PRA can also calculate the risk for a pregnant individual developing Pre-eclampsia.

Used by hospitals and clinical labs all around the world, Benetech PRA is the gold standard for today’s prenatal screening. It satisfies the most stringent and ever-changing requirements of a modern prenatal screening practice and has been designed to meet the highest standard of global regulatory requirements for quality assurance.

Benetech PRA is powerful and flexible enough for any screening program and performs risk calculations for first and second trimester samples as well as integrated, sequential and contingent screens.

Connecting Benetech PRA to your lab

Maximum efficiency in your lab is achieved by connecting Benetech PRA directly to the systems and devices you’re already using. This can be done in many ways depending on your existing workflow.

The Benetech HL7 Interface will connect our PRA software directly to your Lab Information Systems (LIS) and reduce both data entry time and the possibility of operator error. By automating data transfer between systems, your lab will operate more quickly and efficiently. Duplication of data entry is eliminated and data error rates due to operator error are dramatically reduced.

Benetech also offers Device Interfaces to connect our PRA software directly to the immunoassay devices within your lab. This automates the downloading of test requisitions and the uploading of results to increase efficiency and accuracy of data management.

Our Services Technicians can customize our interfaces to include specific fields or accommodate LIS requirements to meet your needs.

Screening with Benetech PRA

Benetech PRA screens for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18, Trisomy 13/18, Open Neural Tube Defects (NTD), and Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome (SLOS).

Pre-eclampsia screening using Benetech PRA is available as well.

PRA supports the latest internationally recognized screening methods. It is powerful and flexible and allows you to choose the screening protocol that is best for your lab. And our state of the art risk calculation engine allows research labs to test a variety of different methods of screening.

Benetech PRA supports standard screening templates such as – Triple, Quad and Penta Screen, Single Marker Screen (AFAFP or MSAFP), First Trimester Screen, Combined Screen, and Composite panels such as Integrated Screen, Sequential Screen and Contingent Screen.

PRA can also be used to increase your screening performance with the support of ultrasound markers such as Nuchal Translucency, DVPI and Nasal Bone.

Benetech PRA supports the use of a wide range of biochemistry markers: PAPP-A, Total hCG, free-beta hCG, Dimeric Inhibin A, Placental Growth Factor, Maternal Serum and Amniotic Fluid AFP, Unconjugated Estriol (uE3) and Invasive Trophoblast Antigen (ITA)

Working with Benetech PRA

Benetech PRA has been designed with two things in mind – flexibility and ease of use. We believe that your screening software should work with your practice, not the other way around. Our intelligently designed menus and drop-down lists allow for easy access to patient and sample data from anywhere in the product.

PRA allows you to enter your own medians and then generate and amend your medians based on your lab’s own data. It also allows you to define your own standard test panels to suit your practice. Each panel can have its own markers and cut-offs and can include a number of options, such as – race specific medians, weight correction factors, fetus specific risks, enhanced IVF data entry and risk adjustment, MoM correction for sub-population factors (such as diabetes, Smoking, RH negative and IVF), and prevalence adjustment factors for various medications affecting ONTD.


Nothing is more important than maintaining quality control in your lab. Benetech PRA supports this by providing a number quality reports, including – Screen Positive Report, Median of MoM Report, Risk Distribution Reports and extensive NT Quality Reports, to help monitor the effectiveness of your screening program. PRA also provides a wide range of Interpretive Reports which allow you to present your results in the format you prefer.


Benetech PRA contains multi-level security features ensuring your data is always protected. User accounts can be assigned different levels of security access depending on the role of the user. So you have complete control over who can see data and who can edit data. Audit trails track all changes made ensuring a complete history of when changes were made and who made them.

Benetech PRA contains hundreds of product features to enhance your Prenatal Screening Practice. Contact us today to schedule an online demo with one of our product experts. Find out how Benetech PRA can help maximize efficiency within your lab.

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